Accounting & Book Keeping

Using our expert technical knowledge we can prepare your annual statutory accounts, deal with your bookkeeping, run your payroll or prepare your VAT returns.


Using our expert technical knowledge to prepare your annual statutory accounts from your accounting records, ensuring they comply with all the relevant legislation and regulation, frees you to concentrate on the commercial decisions which ensure your business optimises its position in the market place. Our technical knowledge, coupled with commercial awareness, also allows us to highlight any potential problems or opportunities (e.g. for tax planning) on which you can act as you see fit. We can also provide related services such as bookkeeping, payroll, VAT services and Company Secretarial Services.

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Book Keeping

Everyone agrees that up to date, accurate information is essential for a business to protect its position and make informed decisions to optimise its future. The basis of much of this information is the accounting records of the company. At Zenon we can provide you with a good, reliable bookkeeping system which allows you to keep track of transactions and maintain control over your business operations. We can work with you so you can either outsource your bookkeeping totally to us, or use as as expert advisors whilst maintaining your own bookkeeping function.

We are QuickBooks Pro Advisors, members of the SAGE Accountants Club, experienced users of Iris Exchequer and have knowledge of using many other accounting packages. Talk to us about the appropriate accounting software for your business.

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Payroll is another area where we can relieve the pressure on your business, allowing you to concentrate on your core activities and saving you from penalties for non-compliance. At Zenon, we can calculate your weekly or monthly payrolls, providing you with reports in either electronic or hard copy format. We can deal with all the year end statutory returns related to payroll (P35s, P14s, P60s etc), ensuring they reach the Revenue on time. We can also deal with your CIS monthly subcontractor returns.

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At Zenon, we can help you to comply with all the VAT obligations, ensuring your VAT returns are prepared and submitted on time. We can offer additional VAT planning services to meet your needs.

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